On the basis of an independent test conducted by the ILNAS Surveillance Authority in Luxembourg, OCÚN has decided to voluntarily withdraw its product Via Ferrata Torq 2 from the market.

This action applies exclusively to the production lot No. 800940, which in the period from 25. April to 30. May 2018 was produced.

In dynamic testing, a slight increase in capture force was measured whose value exceeded the values ​​defined by the standard by 15-20%. All other requirements met the specified limits and the product met the static strength requirements after performing dynamic tests.

OCÚN has reviewed the test results and performed a detailed risk analysis for the product being tested. The result of this analysis is that the product poses no potential risk to users.

In order to ensure that all personal protection products marketed by our company meet the requirements of the current European legislation, we have decided to withdraw the production lot no. 800940 from the market.


The following via ferrata sets are affected by the recall

Affected are the via ferrata sets whose production batch numbers start with the numbers 800940.

Number of production lot: 800940
Designation: VIA FERRATA TORQ 2
Product code: 03983

So you have to proceed to exchange your via ferrata set

  1. Please contact customer service: [email protected] (+ 420 326 211 714)
  2. On the above-mentioned e-mail address, please send the completed form. After that, customer service will organize the pickup.
  3. Please pack the goods and pack a copy of the form already filled in and sent to us by e-mail. Please provide the package with the following address: Mailboxde.com, RP Climbing, ID 3694, Dresdner Strasse 9, 02763 Zittau
  4. As soon as your via ferrata set arrives at OCÚN, it will be checked and a new one sent to your address.

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