On Tuesday afternoon, a man had an accident on the ski run from the Eiger via the west flank. The rescue workers who were immediately called up could only rescue the man dead. His companion was flown out unharmed.

On Tuesday, March 30, 2021, shortly before 13.30 p.m., the Bern canton police received a report that a man had crashed on the Eiger in Wengen (Lauterbrunnen municipality). As part of a rescue flight immediately initiated by Rega in cooperation with Alpine Rescue Switzerland, the victim was quickly located.

The emergency doctor could only determine the death of the man. The deceased is a 24-year-old Swiss citizen from the canton of Friborg.

According to current knowledge, the man and a 21-year-old companion climbed from the Eiger Glacier mountain station to the summit in the morning. The descent over the western flank was initially on foot before the two men wanted to ski down.

The 24-year-old fell, fell several hundred meters and suffered fatal injuries. His companion was flown out unharmed.

The western flank of the Eiger, where the accident occurred. (Photo Bern canton police)

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Credits: picture and text of the Bern Cantonal Police