In our series on the topic of micro-adventures, Daniel Zuberbühler and Pascal Haltiner from Fajro will show you what a micro-adventure takes and present ideas for excursions. In today's post, the two of them take you on a “lunch breakout” adventure and show that in times of corona and home office you can experience a wonderful micro-adventure over lunch and how you can cook with stones.

A contribution by Daniel Zuberbühler and Pascal Haltiner from Fajro - with the support of Seat to Summit

If there is not enough time for big adventures, then you should just make the adventure smaller - we have this credo in ours first post given along the way. If you have very little time, there is still the lunch break and a lot of adventure fits in here, too.

Your lunch break will definitely be an experience

That's why today we're going to show you one of our favorite recipes from the adventurous fire kitchen. The stone pumpkin soup aka pumpkin volcano. It has long been known that you can cook with stones. Even if there are no precise sources, it is now assumed that people cooked with cooking stones around 30 years ago. So this micro-adventure is also a short journey back in time to bygone times. Let's rock it!

Explosive dish: pumpkin volcano

You need this to conjure up a pumpkin volcano with cooking stones

  • A pumpkin with a diameter of about 20 cm
  • A handful of stones with a diameter of about 5cm
  • Gardening gloves
  • Cutlery set (e.g. Cutlery Set from Sea to Summit) and a deep plate (e.g. X-Plate from Sea to Summit)
  • Pepper, salt and your favorite spices for a pumpkin soup
  • Approx. 2 liters of water
  • A hammock to relax and unwind while cooking

Step by step to lunch without cookware

Light a fire and put the stones in the middle of the fire. So that you can cook the pumpkin soup and the pumpkin with hot stones, your stones have to lie in the burning fire for about an hour. 

Be careful not to make a hole in your pumpkin. Otherwise you will run out of soup.

Cut open the lid of the pumpkin and carefully remove the pumpkin seeds. Then you can fill the pumpkin with water and season with pepper, salt and some other spices from your box.

Warm the pumpkin on the edge of the fire

While the stones are getting hot, the pumpkin can be placed on the fire. In this way, it is slowly warmed up from the outside and cooked gently. Now the hammock comes into play. A change of perspective is always good - and the stones take a while to get really hot. Every now and then - every 15 minutes - you should turn the pumpkin 90 ° so that it is heated evenly from all around.

At the edge of the fire, the pumpkin is carefully heated.

Place a hot stone in the pumpkin

After about an hour the stones will be hot enough for you to use them to cook the soup. The first stone can now be taken out of the fire with a spoon and gloves and placed in the water-filled pumpkin.

The cooking stone is around 400 degrees hot after an hour.

The cooking stone brings the soup to a boil within seconds. It simmers and boils and splatters a little - hence the name pumpkin volcano.

After that, every 5 minutes or so, it is time to replace the cooking stone in the soup with a new hot stone straight from the fire so that the soup and the volcano can simmer to itself.

The pumpkin soup is ready

After about 30 minutes the time has come. Your pumpkin soup is ready to be enjoyed. The pumpkin can now be carefully placed in a deep plate. We do it this way because from time to time when you spoon out the soup, the pumpkin suddenly runs out. Thanks to the plate you are on the safe side and your soup is guaranteed not to run over your legs.

A real treat: pumpkin soup without cookware.
And it's done: pumpkin soup without cookware.

Series of articles with ideas and tips for micro adventures

Now it's your turn. Over the next six months, with the support of Sea to Summit, we will introduce you to one micro adventure per month and let you immerse yourself in the world of micro adventures. As part of our series of articles, we will give you monthly tips for your outdoor excursions until the end of the year. Until then: Call your friend or delight your girlfriend, go out with your family and pack your backpack. Now is the right time for a little big adventure. We'll see you outside!

Fajro specializes in experiential pedagogy and action-oriented learning, nature coaching, accompanying development processes and jointly exploring new paths. We are outside and make use of nature as a living space of experience.

When we at Fajro speak of micro-adventure, we mean the pleasurable and playful immersion in nature. An immersion that will sooner or later take everyone, young or old, out of their daily grind - into a world full of voyages of discovery and deceleration. Micro-adventures should open up the little wonders that are often unseen on the doorstep and inspire individuals and families to go outside. Having time for yourself, with friends or for family is almost as valuable as gold in our current reality and if you don't have enough time for big adventures, then you should just make them smaller. With the series of articles we would like to invite you people to brave the outdoors and immerse yourself in many micro-adventures.



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