American climber Brad Gobright, known for his free-solo climbs, died yesterday in an accident while rappelling in El Potrero Chico, Mexico.

In the afternoon of the 27. November 2019 were Brad Gobright and Aiden Jacobson rappelling in the El Sendero Luminoso route, a multi-pitch route at El Potrero Chico, Mexico. The two climbers used an 80-meter rope to abseil, according to a local climber who was three pitches higher. In the rope ends, the two who simultaneously rappelled on the single rope, had made no knot. Brad Gobright then rappelled over the rope end and fell together with Aiden Jacobson in the depth.

Falling on a ledge in pitch XNUMX

The two fell down to ledge that normally serves to bivouac. Brad didn't stop there an fell further down and died fatally. Aiden Jacobson stopped on the ledge and survived the crash without serious injury. The information is based on statements made by Joel Heriberto Guaddarrama Garcia to Rock and Ice.

"I'm so sorry to hear about Brad Gobright's deadly climbing accident. He was such a warm, good-natured person, one of the people I always spent time with. Actually, one would have to say, watch out for climbing out there, but right now I do not want that. I'm just sad and think of Brad and his family. "

Alex Honnold on the death of Brad Gobright

Brad Gobright was one Americas most talented climbers

Brad Gobright was known for the free-solo tours of numerous difficult routes. He was known to a wider audience at the latest with the speed ascent of the Nose on El Capitan. Together with Jim Reynolds he climbed the XNUMX'XNUMX meter wall in just XNUMX hours, XNUMX minutes and XNUMX seconds (LACRUX reported).

Brad Gobright on a difficult route in India Creek

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Credits: Cover Picture Video Gramicci, Information based on Rock and Ice