There is nothing better than spending the night high in the mountains under the open sky - if you are well prepared. The experience can quickly turn into a nightmare. With the following tips you are guaranteed to have good memories of the night under the open sky.

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The temperatures are milder, the snow melts in higher elevations. The time is right for cozy nights under the dazzling starry sky. But how do I choose the right location? Is bivouacking allowed in the mountains? Which equipment turns the night into a positive experience? We have compiled the answers to the most important questions for you.

This is how you find the ideal location

There are some important points to keep in mind when looking for a place to sleep. First of all, camping is generally prohibited in many regions. When bivouacking, the situation is a bit more complex. In Switzerland, the general rule of thumb is that bivouacs may always be bivouacked above the tree line. The Civil Code also states that Forest and meadows are accessible to everyone, Local can but other rules be set up, as is the case for example on the Matterhorn. Even in nature reserves, bivouacing is not allowed. But now to the siting:

  • The best is a slight depression, because there you are protected from the wind and also relatively safe, in case of a thunderstorm. It should be noted, however, the substrate, this should be dry.
  • A propo dry: Mosquitoes feel good near rivers and marshes and can cloud the nighttime experience.
  • In the alpine area it is worthwhile to sleep outside pastures or the trails of the animals. Otherwise, the nightly visit is inevitable.

In these areas of Switzerland neither camp nor be bivouacked

Further information can be found here: List of bivouac bans (not final)

These rules must be observed

Please leave no leftovers left over and do the washing up, if necessary, with a biodegradable detergent (available from specialist retailers). Important: Do not wash near water, but get the water and remove yourself from the water source.

Please take any waste with you. This includes banana peels and similar biological waste. These take a long time to biodegrade in nature.

Please use existing fireplaces and do not kindle a fire in the open air, because this will destroy the soil and the vegetation for years.

If you cannot get stuck in the next mountain restaurant or in the valley, please note the following: Use as little toilet paper as possible (no wet wipes). Bury your needs along with the toilet paper - or even better - take the toilet paper with you in a plastic bag. Important: Please also stay away from water here.

It does not necessarily have to be the frozen Baikal Lake as a place to sleep. But looks pretty pretty. (Picture Yifan Chang / Sea to Summit)

That's what you need for a bivouac night

  • Sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • Headlamp
  • Cookware
  • Kocher
  • A good bottle of wine

Equipment for your next adventure

Special emphasis on good equipment sets the Australian producer Sea to Summit, The small Rivervale (Australia) company has set itself the goal of developing helpful, lightweight and quality camping gear. With success.

Michi-wellbeing Life and Walter Hungerbühler-in Patagonia --- 4

“I don't know of a better and so light sleeping bag like that Spark 2 from Sea to Summit. He has rendered faithful service in Patagonia. "
Michi Wohlleben, professional alpinist

Self-inflating sleeping pads

Those who have to master a long ascent to the bivouac on an alpine route pay close attention to every single gram and usually no longer have the patience sleeping pad long-winded inflate. Remedy here the self-inflating Sleeping pads from Sea to Summit.

Quickly ready for use and comfortable - sleeping mats from Sea to Summit. (Image: Lachlan Gardiner / Sea to Summit)

Specific Sleeping bags for women developed

Women have a different body shape than men and generally freeze faster at night. These findings led Sea to Summit into the development of special Sleeping bags for women incorporated. The shape of the sleeping bags is slightly wider at the hip area and narrower at the shoulders to optimize comfort and warmth performance.

The Flame from Sea to Summit is light, small and still warm

Here you will find the necessary equipment for a relaxed bivouac night

Bächli mountain sports and sex are the largest specialty shops for adventure on the rocks and outdoors in nature. In the respective branches and their online shops you will find everything your heart desires.

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Credits: Sea to Summit, Camping and Bivouacing (SAC)

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  1. Exactly. A good bottle of wine is needed for a good bivouac! The best tip I have received to date. Now I also know why the guys in the Himalayas always suffered so much on their wild tours in bivouacs.

  2. For someone who is not allowed to drink alcohol, it is always a bit strange how often athletic achievements or nice experiences are connected with it. Who can not enjoy a bivouac without wine, should possibly think about it in the hotel to sleep 😉

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