The trio Tommy Caldwell, Alex Honnold and Kevin Jorgeson joined forces in the Yosemite Valley this October to set up a new big-wall route.

For a long time only indirect details about the project of the three Americans reached the public. Other rope teams met the professional climbers, published selfies and so it became known that Tommy Caldwell, Alex Honnold and Kevin Jorgeson work on a new route in the wall Early Morning Light on El Capitan .

Pictures of the three climbing pros setting up the route

Announced last Sunday by Tommy Caldwell communicated the first free ascent of their new route on El Capitan. The route mainly follows the old techno-route "New Dawn" and then joins the route "Passage to Freedom", which was climbed by Leo Houlding 18 years ago. The difficulty of the bigwall tour will be around 8b. Official information is still rare, but Tommy Caldwell said, he will publish more details in the next few days.

"Alex and I, along with Austin (photographer) and Kevin, have set up a pretty cool route on El Cap. The route is one of the most spectacular climbing tours I have ever done. "

Tommy Caldwell on the new route in the wall Early Morning Light on El Capitan
(Picture Austin Siadak)

First free ascent by Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold

Even if Kevin helped intensely with setting up the route he was not present at the first free ascent. In his home state are currently raging strong fires, which is why he drove back home. Without checking out all the passages of the new route Tommy and Alex went for a redpoint try. With success.

"After a few weeks in the wall, Alex and I decided to go for a 'desperate' redpoint attempt. To our astonishment it worked out and first free ascent of the route was done! "

Tommy Caldwell

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Credits: Pictures Austin Siadak