Patagonia has placed a hidden but unmistakable message on the labels of its Stand Up Shorts: Vote the Assholes Out.

Elections will take place in the USA on November 3, 2020. The clothing brand Patagonia is also getting involved in the election campaign - with clear words. The following message is sewn onto a label, which usually contains the washing instructions for the garment:

Vote the assholes out.


“Vote the Assholes Out” - this is the message Patagonia sends clearly against the Trump administration

Images of this label made the rounds on social media and for a long time it was unclear whether the labels were really real, i.e. from Patagonia. A Patagonia media spokesman confirmed to Vogue magazine that the message was sewn into all new stand-up shorts. The message is not directed against a single person.

Patagonia is known for its political commitment

While most companies deliberately do not make political statements and do not take any party, this is at the core of Patagonia. Patagonia has been actively involved in the fight against global warming for years.

We have stood up to the climate deniers for almost as long as we make these shorts

Patagonia spokesman for CNN

Patagonia has donated money the company saved thanks to tax cuts by the Trump administration to various environmental organizations. The latest campaign with clothing labels is a consistent and clear continuation of Patagonia's positioning.

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