Alexander Megos announces an incredible list of routes that he scored in Allgäu in southern Germany within five days.

Another athlete, Alex Megos, proves that the corona lockdown had no negative impact on the climbing performance of the professionals. In view of the travel restrictions that still apply, Alex drove to the southern German region of Allgäu and climbed one difficult tour after the other.

It feels awesome to finally be back on the rock and attach a rope to the belt!

Alex Megos

9 routes, 8c in first go, 8b onsight and more

In just five days in the Allgäu, Alex scored the following routes:

  • X-Hale (9a)
  • Iron Dome (9a)
  • Crucifixion (8c + / 9a)
  • Walk of Life (8c / +)
  • Bionic Commando (8c / +)
  • Progression (8c - first try)
  • Out Right (8c)
  • Do not bring wise (8b)
  • Zoe (8b onsight)
  • Pro Touch (8a + / b)

For route X-Hale, originally rated 9a +, Alex suggests 9a. The Iron Dome, which is relatively short at 17 meters and vertical from the first third, already rates Alex Megos as 9a, just like his predecessors.

The trip to the Allgäu was brilliant and I will definitely go climbing again in the Allgäu!

Alex Megos

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Credits: Pictures Ievgeniia Kazbekova