For a long time climbers had to be patient, now that's it Revo, the new belay device from Wild Country in the market. Since mid-June, it is available exclusively from Transa. Sales consultant Sven has already tested the Revo and, together with Andreas Trunz from Wild Country, clarifies the most important questions and answers about the new semi-automatic.

An article by Sven Durrer, Alpin sales advisor - Transa branch Zurich Europaallee

What kind of device is the Revo from Wild Country, and how does it work?
The Revo belongs to the category of semi-automatic machines. It works like a normal tuber, but with the advantage of an intrusion, should the belayer for some reason give the brake rope out of his hand.

Which are the most important properties?
The Revo basically has the same characteristics as those of conventional tubers. In particular, the fast and smooth dispensing of rope but of course the rapid blocking, smooth draining and dynamic backing is easily possible with the Revo.

What are the advantages?
On the one hand, the brake function for «normal» backup is disconnected from the emergency brake function. It ensures like a tuber, but has a decoupled braking function for an emergency via a centrifuge. The Revo depends on the speed and not on the forces acting. The limit of 4 meters per second applies. Up to this speed a climber can be lowered, everything above it is blocked by the emergency braking function. In addition, it can not be hung upside down and it is not possible to prevent the device from blocking.

What are the disadvantages?
The Revo is a bit bigger than a Tuber, which is a bit too much to get used to. Also, I would not necessarily use it for setting up routes or for self-promotion. It is clearly intended for the fuse link and has its strengths there.

For whom and what field of application is the Revo suitable?
The Revo is suitable for all climbers thanks to the smooth output and the Hintersicherung. Both beginners who gain experience in the climbing area to the top climber who wants to successfully complete a red dot project.

Where to buy the Revo?
The Revo is now available at Transa, in one of the branches with mountain sports assortment (Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, Winterthur) and in the Online-Shop for 149.90 CHF.

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The Wild Country Revo - explained in a nutshell

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