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In the 8C(+) frenzy: Aidan Roberts opens The Lions Share

Briton Aidan Roberts announces the first ascent of a new boulder line in Brione, Ticino. He rates the boulder The Lions Share with 8C +.

Matt Fultz repeats Vecchio Leone sit (8C+)

Matt Fultz secures the first repeat of Vecchio Leone sit (8C+) in Brione. It's the seventh boulder of this grade for the strong American, but the first time he's cracked such a difficult problem outside of the States.

Groin climbing at its finest: Aidan Roberts commits Unison (8C, FA)

The strong Briton Aidan Roberts manages the first ascent of Unison in Brione. The 8C-rated line offers rock-hard groin shooting in overhanging terrain and demands finger strength and precision in equal measure.

Hardest move? Raboutou and Roberts vs Vecchio Low (8C+)

Shawn Raboutou and Aidan Roberts are currently among the strongest boulderers in the world. But even with these calibers things are not always easy, as a three-hour session in the Vecchio Low project shows.

Moritz Welt cracks Dreamtime (8c) within a short time

Moritz Welt makes short work of Dreamtime (8c) and climbs the Cresciano classic in two sessions. In Brione, the strong German also secures a repeat of the 8B boulder Amber.

Daniel Woods and Will Bosi in Flash mode

The Ticino bouldering classics seem to appeal to Will Bosi. After his success in Alphane (9A), the strong Scot also managed the flash ascent of the 8B classic Vecchio Leone in Brione. Also going strong was Daniel Woods, who repeated Fred Nicole's Radja (8B+) from 1996 with the original beta.

You've never seen such a concentrated load of bouldering professionals | Video

This video shows eight super strong boulderers as they tackle the Kingdom Wall in Brione, Ticino.

Six Swiss bouldering areas for warm days

Transianer Michel has picked out six Swiss bouldering areas for you that are suitable for bouldering adventures in the warm months.


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A dream, two dirt bags, 3000 meters of climbing

Film tip: The two dirtbags Drew Herder and Ben Wilbur try to conquer the longest climbing route in the world in the Long Wall.

America's Hardest Crack Lines Repeated

Pete Whittaker recently secured the third ascent...

The climbing shoe for hooking: Black Diamond Method S

With the Method S, Black Diamond has developed a sophisticated climbing shoe that performs well in sport climbing and bouldering.

Climb up easily, descend quickly – touring skis Ogso Thor 90 in the test

The Thor 90 from Ogso is a light touring ski for long days in the mountains. We have tested the strong all-rounder for you.
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