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Gift ideas for climbers, boulderers & outdoor athletes 2023/2024

Whether for a birthday or Christmas: We have put together 17 gift ideas for climbers, boulderers and outdoor athletes.

Win 6 climbing packages from Austrialpin | raffle

In cooperation with Austrialpin, we are giving away six climbing packages, consisting of a Papnu Performance Chalkbag (design DaVini or Wall Runner), a climbing brush (model Marwin) and magnesium.

Tip for a small budget: Make Liquid Chalk yourself quickly and easily

Magnesium is essential in climbing. If you reach for high-quality products, this can quickly become expensive. That's why we're going to show you today how you can inexpensively make Liquid Chalk yourself in two minutes.

Upsalite Magnesium - miracle cure for climbing and bouldering?

Is Upsalite (Mesoporous Magnesium Carbonates) the new miracle weapon in climbing and bouldering? We tested Black Gold and Pure Gold.

Liquid Chalk / Liquid Magnesium Without Alcohol: Secret Stuff by FrictionLabs

The liquid magnesium Secret Stuff by FrictionLabs works without alcohol. Learn more about the new and now available Liquidchalk here.

This beer was brewed with magnesium - no joke

When we heard the news about a beer brewed with climbing magnesium, we thought it was a joke. But we got the information...

Perfect friction thanks to magnesium from FrictionLabs

FrictionLabs can be heard more and more frequently in the climbing scene. The small company from Denver (Colorado) is stirring up the market with its magnesium. Your message:...



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