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The future of crash pads: Mammut wants your input

In order to be able to advance the development of crash pads, Mammut depends on you. What is important to you in a crash pad? What features have you missed so far? Tell Mammut what you think in a short survey and, as a thank you, get a 15 percent discount for their online shop.

Nalle Hukkataival opens DWS route el Tippa Tapa (8c) in Finland

Mallorca is considered the absolute hotspot for deep water soloing. But more and more athletes are looking for locations in their area. A recent discovery was made by the Finn Nalle Hukkataival, who climbed a new 8c route. Here is the video.

Crash pads / boulder mats: You have to pay attention to this when buying

Not all boulder mats are the same. We'll show you the differences and what to look out for when buying a crash pad.

The best crash pads in the test

We tested the boulder mats Cirro by Petzl, Impact by Black Diamond, Full Pad by Organic Climbing, Incubator by Ocun and Guts by Snap.

That's how you put crashing pads right in bouldering

Laying boulder mats is more difficult than you think. We've put together a few tips on what you should pay attention to when laying out the pads.

Crash pad rental launched in the bouldering area of ​​Murgtal

Crash pads can now be rented in the Murgtal bouldering area in eastern Switzerland. The pads can be obtained from the Murg City restaurant. One of the driving forces behind the...



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