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Adam Ondra: “Spraywall training brings the best transfer to the rock”

Training tip from Adam Ondra and Magnus Midtbo: Why 99 percent of all climbers should train on the spray wall.

Who is screwing the most difficult boulder: Magnus Midtbo vs. Pete Whittaker

The powerhouse Magnus Midtbo or the crack specialist Pete Whittaker: Who is going to screw the more difficult boulder?

Is this the first 9a crack climbing route in the world?

The Wide Boyz have set up a new crack route in their basement. You can find out in this video whether the new test piece deserves 9a.

Two in one: Liquid Chalk gives grip and disinfects

Numerous Swiss climbing halls opened yesterday. The condition for the visit is the use of liquid magnesium, also called liquid chalk.

This is how you properly hang the rope in the express sling

Whether in the hall or on the rock, the correct hanging of the rope in the express sling is of central importance. We show you how to do it.

Safe climb despite weight difference: With the ohm of Edelrid

A high weight difference between climber and safer is dangerous. With the ohm of Edelrid, this problem is a thing of the past.

This is the highest climbing gym in the world: Clymb Abu Dhabi

In Dubai there is the climbing gym with the highest wall in the world. Also in the hall Clymb Abu Dhabi is the world's largest indoor skydiving chamber.



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