Whether in the hall or on the rock, the correct hanging of the rope in the express sling is an important part of climbing. This video shows which techniques are available and what you need to watch out for.

How to hang the rope in the intermediate safety devices is not only a question of habit and personal preference, but also relevant to safety. If the carabiner points in the wrong direction and / or if the rope is hooked in incorrectly, there is a risk of the rope hanging out in the event of a fall.

The following video shows which details you need to pay attention to and which techniques are available.

Attach the rope correctly

Another problem that often occurs when climbing is that there are large weight differences between the person climbing and the person securing. There are various techniques to counteract this problem. One is the so-called Z-safety device, in which the rope is first hooked into the express loop of a neighboring route and a “Z” is formed with the course of the rope. This creates more friction in the security system. However, this is often not possible outside on the rock.

Another option to "cushion" the weight difference is the Ohm belay device from Edelrid. You can find out more in the following article.

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