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Is Rhapsody (E11) the most dangerous route in the world?

Magnus Midtbo returns with Dave MacLeod to one of his most impressive first ascents: Rhapsody (E11, 7a).

This climber has stronger fingers than Ondra, Bosi and Midtbo

Allison Vest has finger strength that is second to none. Even top climbers like Ondra or Bosi can no longer keep up.

Adam Ondra: “Spraywall training brings the best transfer to the rock”

Training tip from Adam Ondra and Magnus Midtbo: Why 99 percent of all climbers should train on the spray wall.

This is how much grip strength Adam Ondra | has Video

How much grip strength does the best climber in the world have? In this video, Magnus Midtbo tests the Czech high-flyer Adam Ondra.

Video: Adam Ondra flashes 8B gritstone boulders here

Sheffield is the UK's climbing epicentre. Legends like Jerry Moffatt or Ben Moon have left their mark on the surrounding climbing areas. It is precisely this test piece that Adam Ondra uses in his homage to the 90s climbing film The Real Thing.

Ondra pulverizes Ben Moon and Jerry Moffatt's test pieces

Adam Ondra is undoubtedly the strongest climber of his generation. But how does he compare to the best before him? To find out, Magnus Midtbo brought the Czech over-climber together in Sheffield with two '90s climbing legends: Ben Moon and Jerry Moffatt.

Théo Blass (13) shows Magnus Midtbo his limits

Théo Blass is the youngest climber who has climbed the 9a red point difficulty level so far. Magnus Midtbo wanted to experience first-hand how strong the young Frenchman is and met the 13-year-old bouldering in his home country. A duel in which the Norwegian Youtuber had to dress warmly.

Video: Petra Klingler shows Magnus Midtbo ice climbing

In his latest video blog, Norwegian professional climber Magnus Midtbo visits the Ice Climbing World Cup in Saas Fee. There he was introduced to the art of ice climbing by none other than the reigning ice climbing world champion Petra Klingler.



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