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Katherine Choong climbs La Fiesta de Los Metallos (8b, 200m)

Verdon testpiece repeated: Katherine Choong repeats the difficult multi-pitch route La Fiesta de Los Metallos (8b, 200m).

31-year-old from Zurich has a fatal accident while climbing in Ticino

A 31-year-old man was fatally injured in a climbing accident in the popular Ponte Brolla climbing area in Ticino on Saturday.

Fast, faster, smooth-hard Wahli

5 hours 53 minutes: Simon Wahli and Yannick Glatthard climbed the Salbit Trilogy in this incredibly fast time.

Chronology of an adventure in the wild Atlas Mountains

Iker Pou opens up a new multi-pitch route in the Atlas Mountains and repeats several difficult tours single-handedly.

Jernej Kruder repeats Ticino crack test piece Butterfly Circus (8b)

In Val Bavona, Slovenian climbing professional Jernej Kruder secured the first repetition of Butterfly Circus. The 25 meter long crack line was created by Fred...

Summer Challenge: The three hardest routes in the Slovenian Triglav north face

Slovenian alpinist Bor Levicnik has set out to climb the three hardest multi-pitch routes on the Triglav north face.

Alessandro Zeni climbs one of the most difficult MSL routes in the world with Wu Wei

Alessandro Zeni succeeds in the first free ascent of the extremely difficult multi-pitch route Wu Wei (180m, 9a) in Val Nuvola, Italy.

In one day through the north walls of the Three Peaks

Laura Tiefenthaler and Thomas Bukowski climb the three north faces of the famous Three Peaks in 15 hours and 24 minutes.