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For Adam Ondra, Toulouse was pure stress

In Toulouse, six athletes qualified for the Olympia 2020. One of the six lucky ones was Adam Ondra. Here Adam tells more about the event.

Climbing until his fingers bleed: Adam Ondra in the conglomerate climbing area Sulov

This video shows Adam Ondra in the fingerhole-heavy route Chiroptera (9a +). The route has been waiting for a first ascent since 20 years ago.

Video: Adam Ondra on the 8c Boulder Pucmeloun

In November Adam Ondra climbed three heavy boulders in one day. This video shows the ascent of Pucmeloun (8c) near Brno.

Training alone is boring - Adam Ondra invites Alberto Ginés Lopez

Adam Ondra invites Alberto Ginés Lopez for a joint training in the Czech Republic. To solve it is boulder problems of the route builder Jan Zbranek.

What is the perfect physique for climbing?

Adam Ondra asks what the perfect body for climbing looks like. Is it the high Ape index, the fat fingers or the washboard stomach?

This climbing pro is coach of Adam Ondra: Patxi Usobiaga

This video tells the story of how Patxi Usobiaga became coach of the world's best climber Adam Ondra.

Video: Adam Ondra commits the Boulder Ghost Rider (8c) - for training purposes

In the middle of the competition season, Adam Ondra in the Moravian Karst north of Brno is celebrating the 8c-Boulder Ghost Rider. Here's the video.

Video: Adam Ondra breaks the spell and wins the European Championship 2019

In five European Championships Adam Ondra never made it to the top of the podium. This year it finally worked.