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Adam Ondra invested the most attempts in this 9a

Adam Ondra is used to making short work of difficult routes. However, this route demanded more attempts than ever before: Victimas Perez (9a). The following video shows Adam Ondra on the route.

Is El Toro Salvaje the next 9c route?

Adam Ondra manages the first ascent of the El Potro route in Margalef, which he rates 9a. AND: He suspects a 9c line in the same sector.

This entourage accompanies Adam Ondra every step of the way

In this edition of his video series, Adam Ondra shows what it means to produce an episode and who accompanies him on climbing trips.

Visualization as a recipe for success in climbing

In the latest edition of his video series, Adam Ondra shows how important route memory is in competitions and thus also for onsight ascents.

Perfecto Mundo becomes a mental challenge for Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra has been projecting the Perfecto Mundo (9b +) sport climbing route for a few days. Now desperation is written on his face.

Video: Adam Ondra climbs the 9a route Atene Naturale

This video shows Adam Ondra on the solid ascent of the Atene Naturale route in the climbing area of ​​Massone, Italy.

Tips from Adam Ondra: This is how you clip better and faster

In the latest episode of his video series, Adam Ondra gives valuable tips on how to attach quickdraws and quickdraws better and faster.

Adam Ondra finds knee clamps and devalues ​​route

Adam Ondra managed the first repetition of the route beginning (9a / +). Because Adam found a knee clamp, he suggests 9a as a difficulty.