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Professional indignant: Stefan Glowacz criticizes first climber for setting up from above

Setting up alpine routes from above: Not possible at all, says Stefan Glowacz, but possible in exceptional cases, say Dörte Pietron and Daniel Gebel.

Free Solo Climbing: Russian Roulette or Calculated Risk?

Is free solo climbing Russian roulette or a calculated risk? Alex Huber, Dani Arnold and Stefan Glowacz in an interview.

Stefan Glowacz on media change and pressure in climbing | Video interview

Style debate: Stefan Glowacz on the mixing of pink point and red point ascents, media change and pressure in climbing.

Climbing professionals in social media stress, climbing ethics under pressure | Lacrux TV

Lacrux TV: Professional climbers have to have a constant online presence. How do they deal with this and how does this pressure influence climbing ethics?

Stefan Glowacz in an interview about the Wallride project

On March 10th and 11th, extreme climber Stefan Glowacz will take those interested on a multimedia journey. In the Kino-Rex in Thun and in the Arena Cinemas in Basel he is showing the film of his latest adventure, the Wallride project.