Summer time is barefoot time, at least in the lowlands. If you don't want to do without a lot of air around your feet when approaching or on easy hikes, Lizard Footwear offers a solution. The Ultra Trek sandal cleverly combines the airiness of a sandal with the functionality of an approach shoe. We tested the Ultra Trek sandal and two other models from Lizard.

Lizard Footwear covers with her Sandals-Assortment covers the whole range, from the beach to mountain tours. The three models that we took a closer look at are aimed at very different areas of application. the Way sandal is a classic flip flop, absolutely suitable for everyday use and perfect for chilling out after a climbing tour. the trail sandal sits perfectly on the foot thanks to its straps, which makes it a faithful companion on easier hikes. the Ultra Trek sandal ranks - as the name suggests - in the premier class in rough terrain.

The Ultra Trek sandal put to the acid test

Approach sandal suitable for alpine use

Of course, loose gravel and scree fields are not the appropriate terrain for sandals. Sooner or later you would scrape your ankle or something. The only protection against this is high shoes. But we still wanted to try it, especially since the Ultra Trek sandal has held up perfectly up to that point. The conclusion: Although smaller pebbles and dirt can get into the shoe through the opening, the foot is surprisingly well protected overall.

Lizard Ultra Trek sandal
Thanks to their Vibram soles, the Ultra Trek sandals feel at home in rough terrain.

Heel support, side protection, Vibram sole

The Ultra Trek sandal from Lizard not only looks similar to an approach shoe, it also comes surprisingly close in terms of comfort and support. On the one hand there is the massive Vibram sole, which provides a good grip on rough terrain.

In addition, there is the shape of the sandal with the lacing, which runs comfortably directly over the heel. It takes a little getting used to at first, but sitting in the soft, non-slip footbed is very comfortable. A small but fine detail is the inconspicuous loop on the instep, in which the drawstring of the lacing can be stowed. Nothing is dangling like that.

Lizard Ultra Trek Sandal 3
The pressure on the instep and heel can be adjusted very precisely via the lacing.

We don't need to say much more: the closed sandal from Lizard definitely lives up to its Ultra Trek name. As an alternative and airy approach shoe, it makes a very good trap and is also a good choice for longer and more demanding hikes or river crossings.

Playful everyday companion

As we move from alpine terrain into the deeper lowlands, we arrive at the Lizard Trail sandal's intended use. The look already shows that their design offers the feet a lot more air compared to the Ultra Trek, but also less protection.

Up and away: The Lizard Trail is like a sandal on steroids.

The Trail sandal is light, durable and water-resistant. The straps can be easily adjusted to the individual foot shape using the triple Velcro fastener and ensure a perfect fit. Running, jumping, wading through rivers, hiking - no problem. The area of ​​application of the trail sandal is quite wide. Sure-footed ones may discover their future footwear for hiking, others will use them for cycling or on the river on hot days.

The comfortable fit ensures that you easily forget to take off the trail sandal.

Relaxed flip flop

The Way sandal is used when things are comfortable and comfortable. Then when you open your well-deserved beer after the climbing tour, chill in front of the tent or camper or treat yourself to a shower on the campsite.

The Way Sandal is a lightweight, durable and water-friendly flip flop. The recycled polyester strap sits comfortably between the toes. Flip-flop novices in particular will appreciate this comfort in the toe area.

Lizard trail sandal
The Way sandal does a good job in van life, but is also a pleasant summer companion when camping or in everyday life.

For the sole, Lizard uses a midsole with a bubble structure, which cushions particularly well and, in combination with the anti-slip outsole, ensures good grip even in damp environments.

The three Lizard sandals at a glance

Lizard Ultra Trek sandal

  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Comfortably shaped footbed
  • vibram sole
  • Precise, secure lacing
  • Responsive midsole

Lizard Trail sandal

  • Very soft footbed
  • Straps are easy to adjust with three Velcro fasteners
  • Water compatible
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Suitable for all substrates

Lizard Way sandal

  • Very soft footbed
  • Light, durable and water-loving
  • Recycled polyester straps
  • Anti-slip outsole
  • Midsole with particularly good cushioning

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