We have compiled a list of the most difficult boulders in the world from difficulty level 8C+. There are currently four 9A boulders, Alphane, Return of the Sleepwalker, Burden of Dreams and Soudain Seul, with Alphane being the only one that has been repeated several times and confirmed in grade.

Among the most difficult boulders in the world alphanes (9A), Burden of Dreams (9A), Return of the Sleepwalker (9A) and Soudain Seul (9A). Neither Burden of Dreams nor Return of the Sleepwalker have been repeated and confirmed in their degree. The boulder Soudain Seul got through on the first ascent Simon Lorenzi Rated 9A, passed on second ascent Nico Pelorson downgraded to 8C+ and through Camille Coudert rated 9A again on the third ascent. Shawn Raboutou's Alphane was repeated three times shortly after the first ascent and the grade was confirmed.

Overview: Most difficult boulders from 8C +

The list in the 8C+ area is significantly longer. The following compilation gives an overview of the most difficult boulders in the world from grade 8C+ (V16). The list is continuously updated. Notes on lines missing from the list are welcome and can be communicated in the comments field.

Note: Unofficially there are at least two other bouldering problems that belonged at the top of the list of the most difficult boulders in the world, but which have not yet been officially communicated.

The most difficult boulders in the world | As of 27.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX

Cityroute nameareaFirst climbed byFirst ascent on
9AMegatronEl Dorado CanyonShawn RaboutouSpring 2022
9AalphanesChironicoShawn Raboutou, reviewed and graded by Aidan Roberts, Will Bosi, and Simon Lorenzi06.04.2022
9AReturn of the SleepwalkerBlack Velvet Canyon, Red RocksDaniel Woods30.03.2021
9ABurden of DreamsLappnorNalle Hukkataival23.10.2016
9ASoudain SeulFontainebleauSimon Lorenzi10.02.2021
8C +The MeggSquamish backpackGabe Lawson23.01.2023
8C +bookkeepingColoradoDrew RuanaDecember 2022
8C +Vecchio Leone sit startBrioneAidan RobertsNovember 2022
8C +DistortionLincoln CaveDrew RuanaAugust 2022
8C +Honey badgerBadger CoveWill BosiAugust 2022
8C +Isles of Wonder SitstartLlyn OgwenAidan RobertsJuly 2022
8C +Story of 3 WorldsCrescianoShawn RaboutouJuly 2022
8C +Brace for the cureRocky mountain national parkMatt Fultz27.06.2022
8C +EuclaseVal BavonaDave graham20.4.2022
8C +Daños con- lateralesMurciaNacho Sanchez10.04.2022
8C +GakidoTohokuShinichiro Nomura20.03.2022
8C +Big ConvictionFontainebleauSimon Lorenzi23.01.2022
8C +GaneshTintoraleElias Iagnemma02.01.2022
8C +HallucinationhouraiKazume Ise19.12.2021
8C +floatinMizugakiRyuichi Murai11.12.2021
8C +NexusShiobaraRyuichi Murai24.10.2021
8C +Moonlight SonataJoe's ValleyTaylor McNeill03.10.2021
8C +Fuck the SystemFionnayShawn Raboutousummer 2021
8C +InsomniacMount evansDrew Ruana11.07.2021
8C +Big ZTahoe MountainsShawn Raboutou29.12.2020
8C +LedoborecMoravian KarstAdam Ondra24.06.2020
8C +Brutal riderColumnAdam Ondra25.05.2020
8C +The grand illusionLittle Cottonwood CanyonNathaniel ColemanJanuary 2020
8C +UnitedMizugakiRyuichi Murai11.07.2019
8C +EphyraChironicoJimmy WebbApril 2019
8C +REMCrescianoGiuliano Cameroni. Paul Robinson reported 8B+ after his repeat.09.03.2019
8C +Poison the WellBrioneGiuliano Cameroni12.02.2019
8C +No Kpote OnlyFontainebleauCharles AlbertJanuary 2019
8C +SleepwalkerBlack Velvet Canyon, Red RocksJimmy Webb15.12.2018
8C +Hypothesis assisFontainebleauCharles AlbertDecember 2018
8C +The Box TherapyRocky mountain national parkDaniel Woods31.10.2018
8C +Off the Wagon LowVal BavonaShawn Raboutou27.11.2018
8C +La RévolutionnaireFontainebleauCharles AlbertNovember 2017
8C +NayutaGeroDai Koyamada04.04.2017
8C +Creature from the Black LagoonRocky mountain national parkDaniel Woods27.09.2016
8C +Drop a lineCousimbertPirmin Bertle01.04.2015
8C +TBishopDaniel Woods15.01.2015
8C +Livin 'LargeRocklandsNalle Hukkataival08.2009
8C +The Story of Two Worlds Low StartCrescianoDai Koyamada22.03.2015
8C +NewfoundlandHolstejnAdam Ondra10.11.2011
8C +Ice Knife sitGuanella PassDaniel WoodsNovember 2013
8C +Hypnotized MindsRocky mountain national parkDaniel Woods21.10.2010
8C +EnjoymentVarazzeChristian Core25.02.2008
Compilation of all bouldering problems with difficulty level 8C+ or harder

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