Ortovox has determined that Avabag carbon cartridges may occasionally lose pressure over a certain production period and calls on the system owner to check. Below is the original Ortovox report.

A security message from Ortovox

Unfortunately, we had to find out that ORTOVOX AVABAG CARTRIDGE CARBON can occasionally experience a pressure loss during a certain production period. The reason for this is a faulty cartridge adapter.

Release force can be affected

Only cartridges from a production series with dark blue cartridge adapter are affected. All other cartridge adapters (light blue and silver) come from other production runs and are not affected.

A possible pressure loss in the cartridge can be reliably identified in the course of the weighing check of the cartridge, which must be carried out before each set of the system.

In order to exclude any risk, we would like to point out once again as a precaution that the weight of the AVABAG CARTRIDGE CARBON (without protective cap) must always be checked using a weighing test before using an AVABAG airbag backpack. A detailed description of this test can be found in the operating instructions for every AVABAG airbag backpack and also here on our website

Cartridges that show no pressure loss during the weighing test (without protective cap) can be used without hesitation immediately after the test. Affected cartridges with loss of pressure can be exchanged at the specialist dealer.

You can find a detailed list of the most important questions and answers on the Ortovox website.

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