Ortovox recalls avalanche transceivers. As the company informs, individual feedback has shown that in rare cases a temporary disturbance of the transmission function of the LVS device Ortovox 3 + with the software version 2.1 can occur. This can lead to an extension of the search process. The reason for the fault is a software error.

Ortovox emphasizes that there are no known accidents due to the software error. In order to exclude any risk for customers, Ortovox precaution calls back the Ortovox 3 + with the software 2.1. The devices affected by the recall can no longer be used without the required software update 2.2.

During extensive internal testing, the error could be identified and corrected. Due to the new software version 2.2 the disturbance is excluded.

The precautionary recall concerns only Ortovox 3+ avalanche transceivers with software version 2.1. - regardless of their housing color. 3+ devices with software versions 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.2 and all other Ortovox avalanche transceivers (S1 +, S1, Zoom) are not affected.

Avalanche transceiver-Ortovox 3-plus
Avalanche transceiver-Ortovox 3-plus

Find software version

Set the search send switch to the send position. For this, the switch must be pressed in! Now turn on the 3 +. This information is displayed one after the other:

  • 10-digit serial number
  • Display Test Screen
  • Remaining battery capacity
  • Installed software version: Will 2.1 displayed: THE DEVICE IS AFFECTED BY THE RECALL.

If 1.1, 2.0 or 2.2 is displayed: The device is not affected.

If no number is displayed, the device has software version 1. This device is not affected.

Free return

A free submission of affected devices is from the 25.05.2018 on a specially designed form on the Website of Ortovox possible. Then the new software version 2.2 will be installed and the device will be sent back as soon as possible.

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