The climber, theologian and filmmaker Christoph Klein died in a mountaineering accident in Patagonia. High salvage costs and other obligations from a project of the 48-year-old put an existential burden on his family. In order to avert a financial emergency, Panico Alpinverlag has launched a fundraising campaign.

Many a mountain sports enthusiast will have met Christoph Klein before. Be it in real life, leafing through the climbing guide «Im extremen Fels» or watching the numerous entertaining videos with which the climber and theologian shared his vertical adventures with the climbing community.

support for family

In December 2022, the 48-year-old had a fatal accident in Patagonia. He leaves behind a wife and three children. Panico Verlag has launched a fundraiser to support his family.

If you want to contribute something, you can do so either via the Publishing account with Panico do (note «for Christoph») or via the Paypal fundraiser. The amount collected will be passed on in full to the family. The money is intended to enable the expensive and time-consuming salvage.

Tragic slip on the descent

Christoph and his climbing partner Michael planned to climb the Exocet route on Aguja Standhardt on Monday, December 19th. After the nocturnal ascent, however, they decided to descend again at Col Standhardt. The weather was good, but they didn't have a good gut feeling and didn't feel completely safe, it was cold and windy.

On the descent, Christoph led the way, stumbled or slipped on what Michael described as a relatively flat and easy but exposed ice field, was unable to get up or drive his ice ax into the ice as the ice was hard as concrete, and slipped towards the edge of the ice.

Then he fell 500 meters. Michael immediately made emergency calls via satellite phone at 3.56:XNUMX a.m. and rushed to Christoph's aid, encountering a Polish three-man roped party on the way, together they found Christoph on the rock below... He was already dead.

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Credits: Cover picture Christopher Klein

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