A tragic accident occurred last Thursday at the Aguja Guillaumet. Robert Grasegger lost his life while his partner was recovered seriously injured.

A few days ago there was a tragic accident in Patagonia. As reported by Patagonia Vertical and other media, Robert Grasegger and his partner were together with a third person in the direction of Comesaña-Fonrouge on the Aguja Guillaumet. While the third person in the group was further to the right by the rocks, the other two climbed the steep snowfield.

A short time later, a wet snow avalanche broke up, tore Grasegger and his partner with it and washed them both down to the blocks. Both were badly injured. The third person in the group was able to provide first aid, but could not make an emergency call because the appropriate equipment (satellite phone or VHF radio) was missing. By the time the unharmed person could get help and the rescue team returned to the scene of the accident, the day was well advanced.

Rescue too late for Grasegger

Forty rescue workers, including a military helicopter, moved out to rush to the aid of the casualties. Back at the scene of the accident, his partner was quickly located, but Grasegger, according to Rolando Garibotti from Patagonia Vertical, was no longer in the same place and could not be found because of the falling darkness. It was not until the next morning that rescue workers found Grasegger, who had meanwhile died.

One of the last Instagram posts from Robert Grasegger

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Credits: Cover picture Prissant Bear, Information Rolando Garibotti / Patagonia Vertical