At the third bouldering world cup of the season, Japan secured the gold medal among women and men. At the top of the podium in Chongqing stood the men Kokoro Fujii and the women Akiyo Noguchi. The best places among the German, Austrian and Swiss athletes were Jakob Schubert with the fourth and Jan Hojer with the fifth. For the women it was Jessica Pilz, who made it to the final and took the fifth final rank.

Already at the competition in Moscow, the Japanese were close to a double victory. At the time they ranked 1 among the men and second place for the women. The asians now showed their dominance on their home continent at the competition in Chongqing: Kokoro Fujii (men) and Akiyo Noguchi (women) won the gold medal. The Austrians Jakob Schubert was almost ousted from the podium. Aleksei Rubtsov from Russia secured third place thanks to zone points.

Highlights of the third Boulder World Cup in Chongqing

Pictures of the IFSC Bouldering Competition

Ranking - Chongqing

Ranking of the Boulder World Cup in Chongqing - China
Ranking of the Boulder World Cup in Chongqing - China. All results of the event you will find here.

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Credits: Images IFSC / Forrest Liu


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