The first bouldering world cup of the season in the sold-out arena in Meiringen was decided by the Czech Adam Ondra and the Slovenian Janja Garnbret. Petra Klingler took fifth place in Meiringen with a solid performance. Neither Germany nor Austria made it to the final last weekend.

The first Boulder World Cup of the season was characterized by a strong starting field. Everything that has rank and name took part in the competition. Once again it was noticeable how dominant the climbing nation Japan was. In the final of the men were four of the six athletes from the Asian country, another athlete, Jongwon Chon, from Korea. Adam Ondra joked in the interview before the final: "At least, it has made yet another European in the final."

An unknown face made it to the final

Among all the familiar faces of the finals, a stranger joined: the Australian Oceana Mackenzie. The 16-year-old drew with three tops in the final and finished with only a top the sixth final rank.

Crack route made for decision in the men

Over the past year, critical voices have repeatedly been heard about the route style. This moves away with dynamic moves and jumps more and more of the "classic" rock climbing. The boulders in Meiringen, however, offered a good mix of news-school and old-school. The last final boulder was even a classic crack through and through. While the Japanese athletes are always solid on bouldering the new style, they dripped in rows at the Riss-Boulder. Last Adam Ondra came on the mat and flashed the Boulder. Rumor has it that after the final he said the crack was just a 6a boulder when you're crack climbing. Fortunately, Adam Ondra spent some time traveling in the United States, and was accordingly well versed in the terrain. Adam Ondra took the victory on the first World Cup of the season with the flash celebration of the last final boulder.

Adam Ondra at the final Boulder of the Finals

Ranking at the Boulderworldcup in Meiringen

Impressions of the Boulder World Cup 2019 in Meiringen

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Credits: Picture Gallery Diego Schläppi / Haslital Mountain Festival

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