The American Daniel Woods succeeds in only the third ascent of the 8c + Boulder Grand Illusion in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Grand Illusion is one of the relatively few boulderers of this degree in the United States and one of the most difficult lines in the world. The heavily overhanging boulder begins with strenuous compression pulls on pliers, then turns into a biceps-heavy underhand passage and challenges potential climbers with a key point briefly to get out.

I fell infinitely many times at the key point, because the pull is very dynamic and powerful and at the same time requires a lot of precision.

Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods invested over 20 sessions in the Boulder Grand Illusion until it worked with the ascent. He got into the boulder for the first time last year together with Jimmy Webb and Sean bailey.

Sean cracked the boulder in just three days. For his part, Daniel fell over and over again on the last difficult move until finally winter came and he had to let the boulder rest.

Daniel Woods close to the hatch

In April of that year he returned to the Little Cottonwood Canyon, but the temperatures were far from ideal. Only now, in May, did all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to crack the more than 30-train long boulder.

About the Boulder Grand Illusion

At the Boulder Grand illusion it is the sit-start version of the Chris Sharma first climbed Boulders Euro Roof. For its part, the seated start version of the boulder was considered one of the most difficult projects in the United States for many years.

In June 2020 Nathaniel Coleman the first ascent of the sit-start version and gave the extended line the name Grand Illusion. As a rating, he suggested 8c +.

Nathaniel Coleman on the first ascent of Grand Illusion (8c +)

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Credits: Cover picture Dave Burleson