A few days ago, Daniel Woods managed the fifth ascent of the dream boulder The Finnish Line (8c) in the Coop sector of the South African bouldering area Rocklands.

It goes very fast. A little over a week ago we announced the fourth ascent of the Finnish Line by the American young talent Shawn Raboutou, Now there is already another visit: Daniel Woods studied the trains on the rope for three days and fought so many days without a rope until he managed to climb through. At the ascent he said enthusiastically: “Stoked to make the 5th ascent of Nalle's Finnish Line. I saw photos of Nalle on it last year and was awestruck by the lines beauty and movement. The climbing is powerful yet technical as well. It is key to have optimal friction to hold onto these holds. "

Daniel Woods at The Finnish Line in the Coop - Rocklands sector
Daniel Woods during the inspection of The Finnish Line in the Coop - Rocklands sector (Fig Brooke Raboutou)

First ascent by Nalle Hukkataival

Discovered and committed for the first time The Boulder was in June last year by the Finns Nalle Hukkataival, As a review suggested Nalle 8c / +. Since then, the boulder has been committed several times (see below) and mostly rated 8c.

Video of the celebration of Nalle Hukkataival

Reports of past inspections

Nalle Hukkataival climbs the heaviest boulder in the Rocklands

Alexander Megos climbs The Finnish Line in 5 days

20-year-old Shawn Raboutou boulders The Finnish Line (8c / +)

Credits: picture Brooke Raboutou

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