Next week's 31.08./01.09.2019, IG Magic Wood is organizing the anniversary edition, the 10, together with Bodhi Climbing and the Gasthaus Edelweiss. Magic Wood Clean Up Day.

A contribution by Thomas Saluz - IG Magic Wood

As every year, numerous volunteers who want to ensure a green and clean climbing area await. This campaign is intended to sensitize the climbing scene and the locals to pay more attention to nature and to appreciate its values. After the work is done, there is bouldering together and a fitting celebration at Bodhi Camping with barbecue and party with live music and a DJ.

For the third time, a charity boulder event will be held where we want to raise money for ClimbAID's climbing project in Lebanon. With the bouldering mobile "A ROLLING ROCK", since mid-August ClimbAID has brought 2017 movement, joy and color into the dismal life of Syrian and Palestinian refugees in the Bekaatal. Also, on this day, for those who want, as in the past leggings climbed and awarded the best outfit.

Take the chance to show the mountaineering and climbing scene as well as the community that you care about our environment and that our active actions are rewarded. Therefore, visit the mentioned weekend to help, celebrate or simply to enjoy the atmosphere.

Details about the Magic Wood Clean Up Day 2019

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