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Mass tourism in climbing: How Ticino bouldering areas are struggling for solutions

Are the Ticino bouldering areas victims of their own success? A report on causes and possible solutions.

Bouldering elite in Magic Wood: Flohé, Coudert, Hazelnutt and Co. pull hard

At the moment, the best climbers in the world are handing each other a hand in the Magic Wood. Camille Coudert has ended his two-week Avers trip with an impressive ticklist. Yannick Flohé is just getting started. And Anna Hazelnutt once again shows nerves of steel.

The six most beautiful Magic Wood boulders in areas 5b to 7a

Magic Wood is one of the most popular bouldering areas in the world. We present a list of the 6 most beautiful boulders in the area 5b to 7a.

Tim Reuser repeats Power of Now and devalues ​​the boulder

The Dutchman Tim Reuser succeeds in repeating the Boulder Power of Now (8c) in Magic Wood in a very short time. He devalues ​​the boulder to 8b +.

Bouldering paradise Magic Wood - video with Marco Müller

The Magic Wood season is in full swing. Time for a good dose of inspiration and motivation. Dive into the enchanted forest with his dream bouldering with Marco Müller.

No sooner said than done: Simon Lorenzi climbs The Power of Now (8c)

The Belgian Simon Lorenzi did not hesitate and climbed another difficult line in Magic Wood: Power of Now (8c).

9a boulderer Simon Lorenzi makes short work of La Force Tranquille

The Belgian Simon Lorenzi climbs the 8c boulder La Force Tranquille in just five sessions - and this in the worst possible conditions.

Linus Raatz and Stephan Vogt successful in Magic Wood

Linus Raatz and Stephan Vogt spent a few weeks in the Magic Wood bouldering area. Here is the video of your stay.