Last Monday, the Bernese Kevin Heiniger managed the commission of Kryptos (8c) at Morchelstock in Balsthal.

The Kryptos line in Balsthal, which Franz Widmer first started in 2009, is finally being repeated. Since the second ascent by Fred Nicole in the same year, nobody has been on the block - at least not after a successful ascent.

Third ascent to Franz Widmer and Fred Nicole

On Monday Kevin managed the third ascent: “As so many times… on Monday evening I walked to my project in Balsthal. But it should be not like the other days. After a really good try I felt that it might be possible. I waited until it was a bit colder, and then it happened. I was on the top of "cryptos" 8c. I can't describe the feelings, it was the first time ever I invested so much time in a single boulder. Its definitely the hardest thing I've ever tried. "

Video by Franz Widmer in cryptos

Credits: Picture Kevin Heiniger


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