Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival announces the third ascent of 8c + Boulder's Sleepwalker in the Red Rocks, USA.

Es war Nalle Hukkataival, who first planned the Boulder last year, but had to give up due to the incoming winter. This winter, Nalle returned to finish his old project.

“It was refreshing to be this winter Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods connected and co-configured. "

Quite quickly it became clear that Daniel and Jimmy had a completely different solution for a central point of the Boulder.

“Jimmy and Daniel's arm length allowed them to skip the sloper. So I was the only one who had to take the detour via the Sloper. "

Nalle when designing Sleepwalker

It was then at the end of last year Jimmy Webb, who made a first ascent of the heaviest boulder in the USA. Followed in mid-January Daniel Woods with the second ascent, leaving Nalle the only one left.

For Nalle's solution, the conditions had to be right

Since Nalle needed the friction-dependent sloper as an intermediate handle due to its smaller span, the project planning became a waiting game for better external conditions. "I have trouble with climbing when external factors are so important and no longer about the actual climbing performance," says the Finn. A few days ago the long projections came to an end and Sleepwalker another visit.

Video: Jimmy Webb's ascent of Sleepwalker (8c +)

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Credits: picture Nalle Hukkataival


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