After numerous records of female climbers were broken last year, the 12 year-old retired a few days ago Oriane Bertone on it: she climbs Golden shadow (8b +) in the Rocklands. At the age of twelve, no one has done so far.

Already in December of last year Oriane Bertone made the climbing scene sit up, when she climbed an 8b-Boulder on the island La Reunion (LACRUX reported). The real sensation succeeds but only now with the commission of Golden shadow in the South African bouldering paradise Rocklands.

The previous age record with 13 years in the commission of a boulder in this degree was held by the American Ashima Shiraishi (also in Golden shadow) and the young Swiss climber Mirko Caballero (Meadowlark Lemon Sit, Red Rock).

Video of the celebration of Golden Shadows by Oriane Bertone

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Credits: picture Relay Vertical


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