The seventh and last Boulder World Cup of the year was dedicated to Slovenian and Japanese athletes. Jernej Kruder won the men's season's overall victory and Miho Nonaka women's. At the competition in the Munich Olympic Stadium ten Japanese athletes were in the top ten. Janja Garnbret and Gregor Vezonik, both of whom were on the winners' rostrum of yesterday's competition in Munich, were not intimidated by the dominance of the Japanese.

It was a head-to-head race between the season leader Miho Nonaka and the fourfold overall winner Akiyo Noguchi for the overall victory in women. The decision was made at the last boulder of the competition, when Miho flashed it. Even among the men, a Japanese was close to the overall victory, if it was not for the Slovene Jernej Kruder been. Jernej has been climbing international competitions for eleven years, but had to wait until the beginning of the year for a gold medal in Meiringen. His outstanding performance at the first competition of the season he continued and secured yesterday the overall victory in the discipline bouldering.

Austria place 3, Switzerland place 9, Germany place 11

The athletes from Germany and Switzerland could not keep up with the performance of their Southeast European and Asian colleagues. The Swiss athlete made it to the top of yesterday's competition with a convincing performance Petra Klingler, The best placement for the Germans was won by the 21-year-old Alexander Averdunk, A medal took home the Austrian and world ranking ninth Jakob Schubert.

Final in the replay

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