Oriane Bertone spent a few weeks in the South African bouldering paradise Rocklands. The list of boulders she climbed during her stay is impressive. We spoke to Oriane about your trip to South Africa.

The Rocklands South Africa is an area where the whole world elite and ordinary mortals are now making a pilgrimage during the European summer months. Then there are cool temperatures in South Africa and thus good conditions for bouldering. The 13 year old from La Réunion, on the other hand, visits the Rocklands for the second time in the South African summer months and boulders at up to 49 degrees.

Oriane-in-the-commission-of-Pendragon 8a-in-the-Rocklands
Oriane commuting Pendragon (8a) in the Rocklands. (Picture Oriane Bertone)

Despite high temperatures, she boulders heavy boulders in rows

Anyone who knows Oriane or has already read from her, knows that she is damn strong. Strong enough to whistle for less friction and to score a heavy line on the other. Perhaps it is also the fact that she lives on La Réunion and is used to performing at high temperatures and humid climates. But enough of the words, here the ticklist, further down the interview.

  • The master key (8b)
  • Bio-affinity (8b)
  • The arch (8a + / b)
  • War of attrition (8a +)
  • Law and order (8a +)
  • Leopard cave (8a +)
  • Green mamba (8a +)
  • Sassy squash (8a)
  • Tall of a caracal (8a) (onsight)
  • Pendragon (8a)
  • Paula abdul (7c + / 8a)
  • The wheel of retardation (7c + / 8a)
  • The rhino (7b +) (flash)
Classics about classics hooked Oriane during her stay. (Picture Oriane Bertone)

Interview: Why Oriane Bertone goes to the Rocklands in the shade at 49 degrees

How long have you been in the Rocklands?
We spent about a month in the orange paradise.

"Most people go to the Rocklands in the winter months, when the temperatures are ideal. You, however, are going for the second time in summer. Are you just too strong to look for good conditions?
This year we were lucky. It was pretty fresh for a South African summer. Temperatures ranged between 20 and 35 ° C. Two years ago we had some 49 ° C. I would rather go to the Rocklands in July or August, but then there is always the season of national and international competitions. So I have no other choice than in the hot season to South Africa or Fontainebleau to drive. I'm always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Have you ever been bouldering in Switzerland? Do you have any plans to go to Switzerland?
No, unfortunately not. I would love to go to Switzerland and see the areas. My home is the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean, 10 kilometers from France. I only come to Europe in the competition season or in the summer. That would then be the only way to make a detour to Switzerland.

Which boulder area would irritate you the most?
I think Magic Wood, Just the name of the area makes it somehow special. It really has to be special because not so many people go into it without reason Averstal.

Video: Oriane Bertone climbs Bio-affinity (8b) and The Rhino

Credits: Pictures Oriane Bertone


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