At the lFSC Boulder World Cup in Innsbruck, the American Colin Duffy won his first World Cup gold. He won ahead of Dohyun Lee from Korea and the Japanese Yoshiyuki Ogata, who, thanks to his consistently strong performance, was crowned bouldering champion of the season.

Am IFSC Climbing World Cup in Innsbruck dominated Colin Duffy the men's bouldering final. The 18-year-old won his first ever World Cup gold with three tops and four zones. Accordingly, he looked at the scoreboard with the final result in disbelief. “I counted the attempts in my head. When Yoshiyuki took several tries to make the first move, I realized I had won the contest. I was shocked and I'm still in shock."

Colin Duffy Innsbruck victory
At the IFSC World Cup in Innsbruck, Colin Duffy wins his first World Cup gold. Image: Dimitris Tosidis/IFSC

number of attempts is decisive

Dohyun Lee climbed to second place in the Boulder finals with two tops and four zones. For the South Korean it is the first podium at an IFSC World Cup. At the last Bouldering World Cup in Brixen, he just missed the podium in fourth place.

The Japanese won the bronze medal Yoshiyuki Ogata. While he matched Dohyun Lee's score, he required more attempts than the silver medalist.

The South Korean Jongwon Chon placed fourth with two tops and three zones. The Japanese took fifth and sixth place Kokoro Fujii and the German Yannick Flohe. They both got the same score as Chon, but were placed lower due to their higher number of attempts.

Video: IFSC Boulder World Cup Innsbruck Highlights Qualification

IFSC Boulder World Cup Innsbruck: results men

1Colin DuffyUSA
2Dohyun LeeKOR
3Yoshiyuki OgataJPN
4Jongwon ChonKOR
5Kokoro FujiiJPN
6Yannick FloheGER

Yoshiyuki Ogata becomes overall World Cup winner

Yoshiyuki Ogata has had an outstanding 2022 competitive season. He has been on the podium at five out of six IFSC Bouldering World Cups, winning one gold, two silver and three bronze medals. With 3990 points, the Japanese athlete is the deserved overall World Cup winner. With second and third place, his teammates underscored Tomoa Narasaki and Kokoro Fujii the dominance of the Japanese in competitive bouldering.

With his bronze medal in Innsbruck, Yoshijuki Ogata was crowned overall World Cup winner in 2022. Image: Dimitris Tosidis/IFSC

IFSC World Cup Ranking Boulder Men

1Yoshiyuki OgataJPN3990
2Tomoa NarasakiJPN3405
3Kokoro FujiiJPN3110
4Yannick FloheGER2475
5Mejdi SchalckFRA2294
6Maximillian MilneGBR2215

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Credits: Cover picture Dimitris Tosidis / IFSC