Selah Schneiter of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, wrote on 12. June 2019 climbing story. She defeated the 1000 meter high big wall tour The Nose at El Capitan at the age of 10 years.

Selah drove to Yosemite Valley with her father Michael and his friend Mark Regier. Not for sightseeing, like most of her peers. No. Equipped with climbing gear, enough food, sleeping bag and mat, the three went to the foot of the famous route The Nose. Five days later, they were standing 1000 meters further up the famous tree.

Selah Schneiter, her father Michael and his friend Mark Regier at the exit of the route The Nose. (Picture Michael Schneiter)

“It was a bit scary at times. But all in all it was awesome! "

Selah Schneiter

Selah Schneiter carries the climbing gene in herself. Her father is a mountain guide and met his wife while climbing El Capitan. Already as a baby Selah was often with her parents in the famous camp 4 of the Yosemite Valley.

Selah Schneiter was already a baby in the Yosemite Valley. (Picture Michael Schneiter)

Selah climbed the first pitch as well as the traverse from the Texas Flake to the boat flake in the lead. The remaining pitches she climbed in the aftermath in the technical style or used the ascender (jümaren).

Single scenes of Selah Schneiter's ascent on El Capitan

Connor Herson: Youngest redpoint climber on the route The Nose

In November last year, there was a similar record. The only 15-year-old Connor Herson took home the redpoint walk the nose. Even after Selah's ascent, Connor Herson still holds his record, because he made the route rotpunkt.

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Pictures Michael Schneiter

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