Connor Herson climbed a few days ago the famous big-wall tour The Nose at El Capitan at the age of 15 years. It is not only an extraordinary achievement, but also the sixth red dot walk ever.

Everything that has rank and name is currently in Yosemite Valley. Adam Ondra was there, Nina Caprez is there, Barbara Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher are there. The list is almost endless. The reason: The historic route The Nose on El Cap is celebrating its birthday. American Lynn Hill climbed the Big Wall route for the first time 25 years ago. Connor Herson and his father Jim from California mingled with the many ropes on El Cap. A week ago his father wrote on Facebook: “He came within a foot of freeing the nose! He also got to take his first 25 ′ whipper. His piece held. "

A few days later - the red point ascent was successful

Last weekend it was time. The 15-year-old boy Connor Herson scored all pitches and not only took the record as the youngest on the 1000-Meter-Route, but also joins the exclusive circle of the red dot attendants of the Nose.

Connor Herson climbs the famous tree at the end of the nose. (Picture Jim Herson)
Connor Herson climbs the famous tree at the end of the nose. (Picture Jim Herson)

These are the conquerors of the most famous route - The Nose - on El Capitan

1993: Lynn Hill (All lengths climbed freely, but one length in the toprope, because a trad gear was in one grip)
1994: Lynn Hill (all in the lead)
1998: Scott Burke
2005: Beth Rodden, Tommy Caldwell (within four days)
2005: Tommy Caldwell (two days later Tommy returned and released The Nose in less than 12 hours)
2014: Jorg Verhoeven
2018: Keita Kurakami (Rope solo)
2018: Connor Herson (youngest person ever to free climb The Nose)

Here Connor scores the famous spot of the Great Roof

Connor Herson at the fourth try at Changing Corner

Connor after the climb

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Another speed record on the nose: Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell

Credits: Images Jim Herson

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