Adam Ondra pulled some difficult routes before the turn of the year, including Taurus (9b), Kout pikle (9a +) and The Lonely Mountain (9b). Following the article, there is a video of the ascent of the Route Kout pikle - including the Ondra roar.

How many of his professional colleagues spent Adam Ondra numerous December days on the rock - with success. He achieved two difficult first ascents in his home country as well as the first repetition of the 9b route The Lonely Mountain at Arco. But one after the other.

The first difficult route on Ondra's December ticklist was Kout pikle in the Byci skala climbing area near Brno. The line begins with a strong bouldering area, followed by an intersection and an endurance-heavy final section in the 8c area. All in all, the route according to Ondra is in area 9a +.

“I love this line. It is absolutely ingenious and extremely technical and physical in equal measure. Maybe it's even a 9b route. "

Adam Ondra
Adam Ondra in the bouldering section of Route Kout pikle. (Image AO Productions)
Adam Ondra in the bouldering section of Route Kout pikle. (Image AO Productions)

Shortly before Christmas Eve, the red dot trap struck again. Adam Ondra managed a second first ascent in his home country and went one better when it came to the difficulty. He rates the first nine moves of the route as 8c + boulder, followed by an 8b route. While Adam Ondra at Kout pikle cautiously gave 9a + as a rating, he suggests for Taurus 9b (hard).

Short Christmas break - and let's go on

Ondra didn't last long in front of the Christmas tree and at the dining table. The next success message came on December 28, 2021: He succeeded in repeating the route The Lonely Mountain (9b) near Arco for the first time. The route was made by Stefano Ghisolfi First climbed on December 17, 2021 and rated 9b.

"The route is difficult to evaluate, which is why I symbolically suggest 9b, even if it is more difficult than Erebor."

Stefano Ghisolfi

Adam Ondra shares the opinion of first-time climber Stefano Ghisolfi. He also says the route is difficult to evaluate. “It's harder than erebor, but in my opinion does not break the barrier to 9b + ”, says Ondra. Not in the ninth French grade, but in the upper eighth grade, Ondra climbed with Zauberfee (8c +) on the last day of last year. A respectable balance sheet for the last month of the year.

This video shows Adam Ondra in the route Kout pikle

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