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Lee, Ginés López and Ondra on the podium | Results Olympic Qualifier Series Shanghai

Olympic Qualifier Series Part 1: Dohyun Lee, Alberto Ginés and Adam Ondra climb onto the podium in Shanghai.

Adam Ondra goes among the high-rise climbers

For a commercial, Adam Ondra ventured into the world of facade climbing and scaled the Filadelfie skyscraper in Prague.

Can Ondra onsight all the hard routes in Soyhières in one afternoon?

Adam Ondra visited the Soyhières climbing area and attempted to onsight climb the most difficult routes in one afternoon. Will he make it?

Bon Voyage E12 (9a): This is behind Adam Ondra's ascent

With Bon Voyage, Adam Ondra has secured the first repetition of the most difficult trad route in the world. Now there's the video for the broadcast.

Ondra's strength endurance monster Vicious Circle (9a+/b) repeated for the first time

The 25-year-old Italian Stefano Carnati secures the first repetition of Adam Ondra's strength endurance monster Vicious Circle (9a+/b).

Adam Ondra Masterclass: The perfect knee clamp

How to Kneebar: Today, Czech professional climber Adam Ondra will show you everything you need to know about kneebars.

Adam Ondra flashes 8B(+) Boulder in Sweden

Hard send in Sweden: Adam Ondra manages the flash ascent of the 8B(+) compression line Luftig kö till nålens öga.

Ondra during the 9a onsight attempt: final stop for grip breakout

This video shows Adam Ondra making a solid 9a onsight attempt. But when the handle breaks, it comes to an abrupt end.