After an eight-year break, what is probably the best-known climbing event will take place from May 12th to 15th, 2022 in Manikia, Greece. Physical participation on site is limited. That's why Petzl is transforming the RocTrip into a hybrid event for the first time, which can be experienced online.

Over the past 20 years, the Petzl RocTrip has become a sort of class reunion for the world's best climbers as a rendezvous for the climbing community. Getting to know new areas, people and cultures and celebrating climbing and the attitude to life that goes with it created a very special atmosphere at the RocTrip. Maybe that's why the official films for the event are clicked millions of times.

Video: Trailer Petzl RocTrip 2022 in Manikia

Cooperation with local organization

Sustainability has always played a central, if not overriding, role with the Petzl RocTrip. The basic idea of ​​opening up new climbing areas in a way that allows local communities and regions to make a living from them has remained true to this day.

For this year's RocTrip, Petzl has teamed up with the Manikia Project. The local Greek organization has set itself the goal of developing the surrounding climbing areas in order to create new business opportunities and sustainable tourism in the region.

With the RocTrip, Petzl wants to organize an ecologically and socially responsible event. picture Jeremy Bernard

As in many small towns and villages around the world, many young people in Manikia have left the town due to a lack of financial prospects. The aim of the Manikia project is to work with the community to revitalize the local economy.

Hybrid social responsibility event

Petzl sees the partnership with the Manikia Project as a duty to support their values ​​and to organize a socially responsible RocTrip. As a consequence, this means that the number of personal participants and long-distance travel are kept to a minimum and that the planning and organization of the event is actively collaborated with the community.

Nevertheless, climbing fans can follow the event from all over the world. Petzl has one especially for the RocTrip in Manikia Platform furnished. The online portal allows access to photos, videos, technical information, discussions with the athletes and interaction with the global climbing community.

The Petzl RocTrip can be followed online via the event platform.

Interaction generates donations

Those who use the portal not only quench their own thirst for information, but also collect donations for the local community. Every interaction on the platform - be it downloading a document, watching a video or liking a post - earns points. At the end of the RocTrip, the total number of points is converted into a euro amount that Petzl donates to the Manikia project.

Also new to this year's Petzl RocTrip is the so-called Creative Onsight project. Petzl athletes, photographers and videographers work together to create photos and videos, responding to specific specifications and giving each shot its own personal touch. The creative outputs are published every night on the online portal

Video: Petzl RocTrip 2011 in China

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Credits: Cover picture Sam Bie