France's corona measures are drastic. Now it has become known that even drones are used to track climbers who do not comply with the rules of the authorities.

PGHM Jausiers released drone photos from the Verdon Gorge - a popular climbing area in southern France - a few days ago. A parked vehicle and a rope team can be seen on it in a multi-pitch route.

"We are on the road every day and make sure that people abide by the rules of the authorities."

PGHM Jausiers

On one of their control tours, the PGHM Jausiers patrols encountered a rope team climbing.

“Damming means staying at home, not climbing on a multi-pitch tour.”

The PGHM reminds climbers that activities in the mountains or on the rock are prohibited. They appeal to the people to respect them. Those who injure themselves while climbing may occupy hospital beds that are urgently needed in the fight against Covid-19.

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Pictures: PGHM Jausiers