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Moritz Welt repeats Frankenjura classic Corona (9a +)

Moritz Welt scores in the Frankenjura on the Corona route first climbed by Markus Bock in 2006. At the time of the first ascent, the finger-heavy and technically demanding 9a+ line was considered the most difficult route in the Frankenjura.

Climbing halls suffer from certification requirements

Since the introduction of the certificate requirement in mid-September, most climbing facilities have seen a significant drop in visitors. The introduction of chargeable tests prevents additional guests from visiting the climbing facilities. Meanwhile, the operating costs continue unchecked while the income dwindles. IG Kletteranlagen is demanding more understanding and support from politicians for the companies that have already been severely affected by the Corona crisis.

Alexander Megos climbs miracle healer (9a / +) at Schneiderloch | Video

German professional climber Alex Megos successfully climbs the route Wunderheiler (9a / +) in the Schneiderloch climbing area, Frankenjura.

Alexander Megos and Jan Hojer's first days in Tokyo

The climbing sport celebrates its Olympic premiere in Tokyo. Alexander Megos and Jan Hojer compete for the German team. That was how her first days in Japan went.

Swiss national team in quarantine

A few days ago we reported that the continuation of the World Cup in Salt Lake City is on shaky legs. The reason for this was a participant who tested positive. A member of the Swiss national team was affected.

Liquid magnesium from Frictionlabs works against coronaviruses - scientifically proven

Scientists confirmed: The liquid magnesium Secret Stuff Hygienic from Frictionlabs is effective against coronaviruses.

Corona 2021: IFSC postpones competitions

A few weeks ago the IFSC announced the implementation of the first competition of the season in Meiringen. The first competitions, namely in Wujiang and Seoul, have already been postponed.

The corona crisis hits the climbing gyms with full hardship

The interest group of the Swiss climbing halls (IG Kletteranlagen) is calling for the climbing halls to be opened as soon as possible, as well as transparent rules and fair compensation for the closed businesses. Opening in March is essential for many businesses to survive