The Austrian Jakob Schubert manages to redpoint one of the hardest sport climbing routes in the world: Perfecto Mundo (9b +) in Margalef.

Since the beginning of the year Jakob Schubert dreamed of a trip to Spain to work on the sport climbing route Perfecto Mundo in Margalef. The self-imposed condition for the trip was an Olympic qualification during the 2019 season. After Jakob reached this big annual goal at the World Championships in Tokyo, it was clear that he will go to Margalef in the autumn 2019.

Third ascent of one of the hardest routes in the world

At the end of October the time had come. Jakob Schubert was back in Spain, more precisely Margalef, and started projecting Perfecto Mundo. “Today is my sixth day on the route and I am very happy with the progress. At the moment I always fall on the one-finger train, "commented Jakob a few days after his arrival. About a week later, today, it sounded different.

"What a day. After falling four times after the key point, I finally clipped the booth of this ingenious line. What a relief!"

Jakob Schubert on the celebration of Perfecto Mundo

As if the tour of Perfecto Mundo (9b +), one of the hardest routes in the world and the first route in this degree for Jakob Schubert, would not be enough, Jakob climbed another route in ninth grade on the same day: Gancho Perfecto (9a / 9a +).

Has every reason to celebrate: Jakob Schubert. (Picture Rainer Eder)

Equiped by Chris Sharma - first redpoint ascent by Alexander Megos

The route Perfecto Mundo was established several years ago by American Chris Sharma, who lives in Spain. The first ascent was made by the German Alex Megos in May 2018. During the same year the Italian Stefano Ghisolfi secured the second repeat of this testpiece in Margalef.

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Credits: Johannes Mair / Absolute Pictures