The northern German climber, alpinist and mountain sports photographer Ralf Gantzhorn has had a fatal accident on the Cheselenflue.

Ralf Gantzhorn, Born in 1964, was born in Eutin near Schleswig-Holstein and was one of the most renowned outdoor and landscape photographers in Germany. While the camera initially accompanied him only to document his travels, from 2004 it became a professional tool.

Besides a good climbing route, good pictures are the only sensible reason to get up early.

Ralf Gantzhorn

As a North German, he was always torn between the far too distant mountains and the fresh sea air. Accordingly, the anticipation of his planned stay in Valais was great. So he wrote on Facebook:

“I can hardly believe it and somehow it still feels a little unreal. But next week I'm going to Valais, the huts are booked and my climbing partners are scratching their hooves. I'm excited to see what we can achieve, high above Zermatt. ”

On the way to the Valais, he stopped in the Cheselenflue area above the Stöckalp. During a rappelling maneuver, however, a fatal accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon.

Handling errors when abseiling as the cause of the accident

The notified rescue service REGA could only die from Ralf determine. His rope partner was recovered from the wall unharmed by REGA. The reason for the fatal outcome of the abseiling maneuver is - according to the first findings of the Obwald police - a handling error.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Ralf Gantzhorn.

An obituary from Axel Hake

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Credits: Cover picture Ralf Gantzhorn