From the 7. - 10. September 2018 takes place for the sixth time the Keepwild Climbing Days. The event is organized by Mountain Wilderness, supported by Wild Country and Patagonia. There are still a few places left and we give two of them. Now take part in the raffle and win a free climbing weekend for you and your companion worth 440 CHF.

So you participate in the raffle

Write in the comment box of the following Facebook postingWho you would like to go to Keepwild Climbing Days with. Or just share the Post on your Facebook profile. Participation is possible until August 6, 2018, 12.00:XNUMX p.m.

What are the Keepwild Climbing Days anyway?

The Keepwild Climbing Days are all about friends and wedges. During the three days you set up your base camp in the Alpstein Mountains. Sleeping is in the Zwinglipasshütte. During the day is then climbed what the stuff holds. Mostly clean of course. There will be two climbing instructors who will give you tips for trad climbing. Climbing takes place in the varied Alpstein limestone in the Altmann area. The routes range from easy to ultra-difficult, from largely clean to "defused" and from the old classic to the Neutour. Of course, first ascents in the context of Keepwild Climbing Days, nothing stands in the way. Socializing, good moments and long evenings included. There is also a dose of sociability, good moments and long evenings.


7. - 10. September 2018. Of course it is also possible to participate only on individual days.


Zwinglipasshütte, 2000 m.ü.M, in the Alpstein (CH)
Arrival and access Zwinglipasshütte


Climbing is done in a colorful mix of rope teams, without a mountain or tour guide. It is not a course. The participants have experience in climbing and handling mobile belay devices and climb at their own risk. Everyone is responsible for their personal climbing equipment. A course with climbing instructor Silvan and FOCUS FELS is ideal for everyone who wants to learn to climb with wedges and the like, or who want to refresh and expand on old knowledge.

The Keepwild Climbing Days: Magic moments included
The Keepwild Climbing Days: Magical Moments on the Old Man Included (pic Mountain Wilderness Switzerland)


The journey takes place, if possible, by public transport or in carpools. Overnight stay in Zwinglipasshütte, where the participants are spoiled with breakfast and dinner. Everyone is responsible for the lunch. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

What is included?

The competition price includes participation in the event program of the Keepwild Climbing Days (lectures, workshop, photo competition, test material, raffle), accommodation, breakfast and dinner. Only the journey there and home as well as lunch are not included. In addition, all participants who are not members of mountain wilderness receive a one-year membership. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

Climbing courses by Silvan Schüpbach and Mirko Storm

Climbing instructors Silvan Schüpbach and Mirko Storm, who both have a lot of experience in “climbing without bolts”, will be present on site. You lead the workshop program and have one or two tips in store for everyone when it comes to placing Friends & Wedges.


Organized by Mountain Wilderness - Supported by Wild Country and Patagonia
Organized by the Alpine Protection Organization Mountain Wilderness - Supported by Wild Country and Patagonia

Terms and Conditions

Participation is until 6. August 2018, 12.00 clock, possible. All persons residing in Switzerland, Germany and Austria are entitled to participate. Exceptions to this are employees of the climbing magazine LACRUX, the alpine conservation organization Mountain Wilderness, Wild Country and Patagonia whose contracted companies. The winners will be notified via Facebook and / or e-mail. We do not correspond about the tournament. A cash payment is not possible. The legal process is excluded. Participation in the raffle takes place independently of a product order or a purchase. The period of participation in a competition will be announced in connection with the respective competition.

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