Two alpinists got into trouble this weekend in the Monte Rosa area. The two women froze to death, while the man was hypothermic and saved with frostbite.

According to information from mountain rescuers from the Aosta Valley, the three-person group below the Vincent Pyramid (4 m above sea level) got into trouble. The reason was a heavy snow storm. The rescue workers alerted by the group were able to locate the three alpinists from the helicopter, but were unable to rescue them directly due to the bad weather.

The Vincent pyramid southwest of the Monte Rosa summit

The mountain rescuers did not arrive at the alpinists until 21.00:XNUMX p.m. A few minutes later, the first female alpinist died on site. The second woman in the group was brought to a mountain hut, where she also died. The third person in the group was hypothermic and rescued with frostbite and was flown to Switzerland.

Teacher working in Ticino among the victims

According to the latest information, one of the victims is a teacher working in Ticino. The Department of Education expressed its condolences for the bereaved on its website.

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Credits: Cover picture Idéfix / CC BY-SA 3.0