For some time Adam Ondra has been constantly on the go with a large team of photographers and film producers. Not only is his regular video series (siehe hier). A few weeks ago, Adam announced the release of a photo book showing footage from the last two years of his career.

The book AO Book contains unpublished pictures from the life of Adam Ondra and show the life of the Czech climber in an authentic way. The pictures are from the photographers Bernardo Gimenez and Lukas Biba. The pictures are accompanied by Adam Ondra's texts, which show his passion, motivation and willpower.

Bernardo leafs through the photo book Adam Ondra Book

Adam Ondra is considered the best climber in the world. At the age of 12 he already joined the top 10 of the international climbing elite and has won four times the world title in sport climbing. In fall 2016 he ventured into big-wall climbing and repeated the legendary route Dawn Wall in just eight days. A year later, a murmur went through the climbing scene when Adam Ondra first started the route Silence and rated with 9c. Silence is still considered the heaviest sport climbing route in the world.

The book is on 2019 from mid-December Amazon available.

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Credits: AO Productions