The Scot Will Bosi is unstoppable. It was only about a week ago when he managed to climb the Mutation (9a +) route in the Raven Tor climbing area. Now he announces the first ascent of the Brandenburg Gate route, with the same degree of difficulty. The video of the inspection can be found below in the article.

A week ago a murmur went through the climbing scene. The route Mutation, first conquered by Steve McClure, for decades made every aspirant go home for the first repetition of unsuccessful things. To Will Bosi came. He succeeded in repeating the route for the first time 23 years after Steve McClure. It wasn't a walk in the park for him either. He had to invest a total of 40 attempts over four years in the red dot, a long time compared to other routes in the ninth French grade that he combines in his ticklist.

"After climbing Mutation last week, my focus was entirely on the last major project in the Raven Tor area."

Inspired by the success of the Mutation route, Will Bosi has since concentrated on a second line, which will be the last major project in the area Raven gate was true. In contrast to mutation, success came in the route Brandenburg Gate a lot faster, namely after around eight sessions.

"Surprisingly, the first ascent of Brandenburg Gate came very quickly after I rehearsed the individual sequences."

Will suggests a level of difficulty of 9a + (soft), but is not entirely sure. The evaluation is astonishing - as with Mutation - because the Brandenburg Gate route has also been attempted by numerous strong climbers over the years, but always without success. Either they were all too weak, or Will Bosi is currently just too strong to adequately assess the level of difficulty. The time will tell.

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Credits: Cover picture Will Bosi